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Life with Diamonds

She opens a small velvet box and... her face turns rosy by surprise and unconcealed delight : the jewels, skillfully inserted into a golden necklace of surpassing in the box. Around her delicate skin it is more than a gesture of attention: it is his love and oath of fidelity...
When son Kosta was born, Andreja Andrejevic, jeweler from Belgrade, (today aged eighty,) was pleased knowing that his jewelry shop would continue family tradition. He was taught the secrets of jeweler’s trade before World War Two by famous Stojan Orescanin, then the most reputable jeweler on the Balkans.
To his first questions, his father would answer that love for work and honesty was more important than profit that beauty should be hammered away at and polished and that it requires the whole man and whole family and whole life.

The first Kosta’s attempts followed, twenty-five years of full devotion and - the trade was mastered. "For my father to be proud of me! In honor of our name so it should not fade away!"

Belgrade Boulevard of Revolution, a store window bearing a known name of the jewelers’s trade - Andrejevic - has been shining for fifty years. And it will continue to shine as long, because Kosta’s little boys already have their first questions for grandpa and father ...
Kosta is a traditionalist and a modern man: he introduced into the Andrejevics’art his own inventiveness, but he follows creative trends in the world and applies new technology.
As well as the knowledge acquired in Italian town of Vincenca, at the European branch of the most prestigious school in the world at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), established in 1931...

We would know little about our past if there were no men’s need to make jewelry and give it to women. Jewelery was used to approach Gods, kisses were thrown and the heads lost because of jewels... You will not find a fairy tale where goodness, honesty and love are not rewarded by jewels... All those who go past the store window in the Belgrade boulevard bearing trademark "AK", stop in front of it attracted by the glittering fairy world, not aware of the magic spell ...

Lidija Kovac